Archive for Welcome! This is the forum dedicated to the NWN CV Tribute Server, Castlevania: Long Dark Night.

Server Information
Server Rules
All of the Server Rules are located in this wonderfully informative section.
Server Content
Looking for the Haks? Join here! As well, information about IP Address, Server Status, subraces, and other content.
Server Setting, and Staff
Here's where you'll find information relative to the module setting, as well as the Who's who of Staff. Don't know much about Castlevania? Here's where to look.
Bugs, Spammers, Glitches!
Please post in this thread regarding forum issues, in-game bugs, and forum spammers!
General Discussion
About LDN
This section is for OOC discussion about the module Long Dark Night itself, be it about in character events or mechanics.
Roleplay Threads
A Second Method of RP, for those who have trouble meeting up, or for the little things that just couldn't get done in-game!
Character Bios
Tell us their story, present and future.. For we all wish to know more. A thread to post a biography for your characters. Information here is not to be exploited in-game.
Character Journals
A place to house the inner most ramblings of your character. Follows the same rules as Character Biographies.
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