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Gwendolyn Rose Belnades

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Gwendolyn Rose Belnades
Neutral Good
Ebony black
Alabaster white

t happened on a black ominous night. The stars were absent of their normal shimmer. The wind had been silenced as well as the usual wolf howls. There was only a sole interruption, one scream of human origin: the scream of a woman in labor. She screamed as she took hold of the bedposts, cursing the gods in her agony. This woman, however, was not alone as the preacher and midwife stood close. They watched as she writhe in the bed in an inhuman matter. This was proof that the birth was not of norm. Generations and generations past, in the Belnades clan, no birth was of normal circumstance. There was always something in error; something array.

As the clock hit the number on the hour, finally a baby began to cry just as the skies began to pour their tears upon the earth. The question was: were these tears of joy or sorrow? As the midwife held the baby, the preacher stood near the mother whose breathing became labored. "My dear, what be the name of this child?" he whispered. The woman extended an arm towards the child in a pathetic gesture to bring her closer. The midwife obeyed. "Gwendolyn," whispered the mother, "Her Gwendolyn." The name of the child was the last word uttered through the being that once was.

As the woman exhaled her final breath, the door to the bedroom was abruptly opened. In the shadows of the door frame, stood a large man with eyes wide with fear and anger. His dark eyes fell upon the deceased woman in the bed before shifting to the wailing infant in the arms of the midwife. Without another thought, he made gestures to hand the child over and so obeyed the woman, handing over the cloth swaddled infant. The brute of a man gingerly cradled the baby and asked, "What is she named?"

"Gwendolyn," replied the priest, now moving towards the man, "Her name is Gwendolyn Rose Belnades and I bless her in the name of the lord." The priest ran his thumb across the child's forehead in the shape of a cross. "So it is," whispered the father of the child, "My darling Gwen.."

Sixteen years later.

In the middle of the forest, sat a young girl on a tree stump. Her hair was long and curly, black as a raven's wing, her skin was as white as a daisy's petal, and her lips as red as a ruby. Her beauty was so surreal, that she seemed to be something pulled out of a storybook. There she sat, bunching laurel together when a she heard a shrill howl echoing in the distance. The young girl froze for a minute's past before hastily gathering up her belongings and departed her location. She darted through the woods, weaving between the trees in hopes that the demonic shrieks would vanish; however, they only grew louder. Faster and faster she ran until she finally broke from the woods into the town where her house was found.

Gwen walked the streets, finding that it was eerily silent. There were usually some sort of sound, noise, or echo of life - but there was nothing. Fearing the worst, her pace escalated in speed in the direction of her house up the hill. As she neared the small house, she paused upon noticing the shattered windows and opened door. "Oh, no," she whispered, "Papa...Papa!" Gwen cried and ran into the house. To her horror, she saw blood splatters across the floor and walls leading up the stairs. The young girl followed the trail of blood to find the corpse of her father on the second floor.

"Papa!" she cried and draped across the body of her father. All night the young girl remained with the lifeless body of her father and the blood absorbing into her garments. She had noticed the marks of the vampire on her father's neck and claw marks embedded in his flesh. The amber eyes of the girl flickered and there, there was the moment when she swore death upon the vampire kindred. She would seek revenge in the name of her family, the Belnades.

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